Clandestine Excerpt



Julia Ross 

A Berkley Trade Paperback on sale November 7, 2006

ISBN: 978-0425-21197-7 or 0-425-21197-5

Mass Market Edition on sale November 6, 2007

ISBN: 978-0-425-21833-4

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GREAT NEWS!  Clandestine earned my eighth consecutive "Top Pick" review from Romantic Times:

“Brilliantly merges suspense, passion and a cast of characters one really cares about. It marks Ross as a remarkable storyteller and a writer whose talents have taken her to the top of the genre.”

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The Gentleman:

Guy Devoran, without question the most brilliant and charismatic single gentleman in late Regency London, has been busy recently helping his illustrious cousins, the St. Georges of Wyldshay (the dashing sons of the Duke of Blackdown), find happiness with the most unsuitable brides. No one has any idea that behind Guy's equally devil-may-care appearance, he's nursing a broken heart.

The Lady:

She's forthright and redheaded and works as a schoolteacher in Bath. Haunted by memories of nursing her late husband in the last weeks of their short marriage, the widowed Sarah Callaway isn't looking for romance when she accosts Guy Devoran in a London bookstore. She's looking for her missing cousin Rachel, who's just been abducted by an unknown villain, and Guy is the only person who can help her.

The Secret:

No gentleman can refuse to aid a lady in such a mission, especially one who's so sensually attractive. Yet Sarah Callaway seems entirely unaware of her own charms, and she has no idea that Rachel is no longer the innocent young lady she remembers.  Forced to hide the truth from Sarah, yet determined to rescue Rachel from her unknown fate, Guy can never let down his guard, however much he wishes to take Sarah to his bed. If there was ever a formula for disaster, this is it!

The Chase:

Their mission will take Guy and Sarah from the ballrooms of London to the smugglers' dens of Devon, where it's close to impossible for either of them to stay focused on their quest. Her darkly handsome companion is so very attractive that Sarah soon falls head over heels in love, though she's hardly a suitable match for a duke's nephew. Yet trying to uncover the truth about Rachel's disappearance while resisting Sarah's sensual appeal is going to be an even greater challenge for Guy.  When passion refuses to be denied, every turn of the chase seems destined to expose his terrible secret and destroy forever all of his chances for happiness.

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Romance Reviews Today:  “More than meets expectations …. a very good book with surprising twists.”

Romantic Times “Top Pick”:  “Brilliantly merges suspense, passion and a cast of characters one really cares about. It marks Ross as a remarkable storyteller and a writer whose talents have taken her to the top of the genre.”

www.genrefluent.com:  “Ross is in peak form with her latest beautifully told tale of love. … the most perfect romance novel I’ve read this year. It features multi-dimensional characters caught up in an unusual situation and is filled with suspense.…This is a must read.”

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Note for Booksellers:

Sales Points:

Another beautifully produced Berkley trade paperback by bestselling author Julia Ross.

An award-winning author sometimes compared to Jo Beverley, Dorothy Dunnett, Laura Kinsale, or Mary Jo Putney.

A rich, very sensual, Regency-period historical romance.

A story with the depth to appeal to a wide cross-section of readers.

On-sale date, trade edition: November 7, 2006

Mass market edition on sale November 6, 2007



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