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Here are details for all eight of my long historical romances.
I'm very proud that every single one of them was a Romantic Times TOP PICK
Each cover will take you to a summary, reviews, and excerpts for that book.

Alas, none of them are available as E-books yet, but I'm working on it!
Meanwhile, for my Regency E-books, please visit The Rewards page.
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 Two linked stories set in Regency England and the dangerous Paris of 1815, and Regency England and the Scottish Highlands in 1816:
"Wow! An absolutely glorious book... with wonderful sensuality and a powerful wisdom... I read passages over and over again. I felt stunned! Mesmerizing!"
- Mary Balogh

"A passionate love story rivetingly well told in language to take the breath away. Don't miss it."
 - Jo Beverley

Colorado Book Award

Romantic Times
Best Historical Romance of the Year
Illusion Cover E-Book Coming Eventually!

Nigel, Marquess of Rivaulx, ruthless spy and code breaker and damaged by years of intrigue in Russia and France, craves only innocence.


Frances Woodard is a professional courtesan, an Englishwoman trained in an Indian harem in the erotic arts of the Kama Sutra.


To uncover a traitor, Nigel must win Frances for one stunning night of passion, before sweeping them both into his dangerous world of intrigue and deception.


A remarkable Russian horse with a golden coat, which is bound to betray Nigel to his enemies.
Flowers Under Ice Cover  

Dominic Wyndham, the most dangerous rake in Regency London, has only one goal: to win back his wife.


A passionate lady from the Scottish Highlands, Catriona arrives with the news of his wife's death and demands Dominic come to Scotland to rescue a child he never knew existed.


Dominic agrees on one condtion: Catriona must risk her virtue by exploring the seven deadly sins, one for each day of their journey.


The wildlife of the Scottish Highlands, a flock of sheep that stop the Redcoats on the bridge,
and a pony to rescue from a bog.
Starring my very own passionate Regency prince, set in the Victory Summer of 1814 in Norfolk, London, and the Alps:
 "Duty and villainy, passion and intrigue... A marvelous read with emotional depth, characters to care about, and intelligent plotting."
-Romance Reviews Today

Colorado Book Award
My Dark Prince Cover  

Grand Duke Nicholas, ruler of a small country in the Alps, but also an English earl, returns to Regency England for his state wedding.


Penelope Lindsey, bastard cousin of a princess, collects hedgehogs on Nicholas's abandoned Norfolk estates, confident she'll never meet him.


When the real bride is kidnapped by a rival, Nicholas demands Penny stand in for the missing princess, even on their wedding night.


Nicholas's dog, Quest, his wolfhound from the Alps.

The royal horses, magnificent and obedient, and the plain old cob, Willow, which teaches Penny how to ride.


Two linked stories set in the flamboyant, lace-and-rapier Georgian England of the 1760's, when men were both beautiful and dangerous:

"Lyricism and sensuality on par with Jo Beverley's, skillfully builds the simmering sexual chemistry between Alden and Juliet into an exquisitely sensual romance."- Booklist

"A stunning tale of intrigue and passion (with) some of the most beautiful and erotic imagery I have read in a long time... I feel very strongly about this book... the rewards are well worth it."

 Highest Rating: FIVE ROSES! - A Romance Review

The Seduction Cover  

Alden, Viscount Gracechurch, loses everything to his enemies at cards.


Juliet, a mysterious, secretive lady, hides from danger in a secluded cottage in an English village.


Alden is ruined unless he can publicly seduce Juliet within the week. So her sanctuary is about to be invaded by the loveliest man she's ever seen, who will risk anything to win her.


Juliet's cats, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
The Wicked Lover Cover  

Robert Dovenby, infamous lover, is ironically known in fashionable London as the Dove.


Sylvie, Countess of Montevrain, returns from Europe to destroy him and may prove to be even more dangerous than he is.


No one knows of the covert life Dove hides in the shadows. So when Sylvie moves into his house to uncover his secrets, it's the beginning of a very dangerous cat-and-mouse game.


Some gypsy ponies, one of which has a mind of its own.
Dove's fractious young stallion, Abdiel, reluctant to carry Dove too close to the bonfire where his mistress is burning his clothes.
The Wyldshay Trilogy set in late Regency England in the 1820's:
"Rich in atmosphere, emotions and ideas... it's a novel all too easy to get caught up in, so budget plenty of time for it; you won't want to put it down." - Romance Reviews Today

"Beautifully written with intelligent characters... clever plotting, smoldering passion and an insightful glimpse into the human heart, this book is one of Ross's finest novels. You'll be captivated from page one."  TOP PICK - Romantic Times 


"Brilliantly merges suspense, passion and a cast of characters one really cares about... a remarkable storyteller whose talents have taken her to the top."   TOP PICK - Romantic Times

Night Of Sin Cover

Lord Jonathan Devoran St. George, known as Wild Lord Jack, intrepid world traveler, returns to England after roaming the Far East.


Anne Marsh, sensible Dissenter, is the unwitting possessor of a stolen fossil that Jack will risk his life to recover.


Pursued by desperate killers who threaten them both, Jack sweeps Anne off to his ancestral home at Wyldshay Castle, but proves to be a ravishingly dangerous guardian angel.


The bones of dinosaurs and dragons.
Games Of Pleasure Cover  

Lord Ryderbourne, heir to a dukedom, is dedicated to his duties at Wyldshay Castle, until he plunges his horse into the sea to rescue a lady from drowning


Alas, she is lovely Miracle Heather, lady of the night, hiding a terrible secret, fleeing enemies, and in fear for her life.


When Miracle's only escape from her gallant rescuer is a soul-shattering seduction, the result is a journey into an impossible passion.


A horse with the map of Ireland on its rump.

Ryder's lovely chestnut mare, which almost gives the game away.

Clandestine Cover   Guy Devoran, Jack and Ryder's dashing cousin, is a much admired man-about-town in late Regency London.


Sarah Callaway, redheaded widow, insists that Guy help find her missing cousin Rachel, with no idea that Rachel was once Guy's mistress.


Forced by honor to agree to Sarah's request, Guy drags her headlong into adventure and mystery, and into a forbidden passion that threatens to destroy them both.


A barn swallow, which interrupts.

And orchids: not animals, but very much alive!